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Ballonfahrten Hamburg

Ballooning in Hamburg

When visiting the north of Germany why not take a balloonride over the city and bring back some very special memories?

Air Ballooning Hamburg

You're unlikely to get a better perspective of the Hamburg Harbourside and the river Elbe than when taking off from one of our launch sites in the city and floating gently away to reveal a panoramic view of it all. Whether the Elbe river, the Alster lake, Port City, Storehouse City, the Town Hall, take enough films and get your eyes peeled for all the famous landmarks whilst drifting slowly in a beautiful Hotair Balloon over the pulsating heart of the city. Get some breathtaking and unique views from one of the biggest and busiest harbours in the world.

As you and your hot air balloon leave the city behind you can look ahead to some of the most glorious countryside. Depending on wind direction your balloon ride may take you over the Alte Land or the Vierlande, both areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty The agriculture in the area varies from orchards to dairy farms and fields of roses.

Our take off sites are all within a few miles of the Town Hall and easy to find.

The Port Anniversary

Hamburg ballooning festival

Hafengeburtstag - Harbour Birthday

Now one of the largest outdoor events in the country, The Port Anniversary attracts thousands of spectators and visitors every year on the second weekend of May for a four day festival of fun and f offers plenty of attractions on the water, on the ground and even up in the sky.

Why not join us for a mass ascent with up to 25 other balloons! A unique way to take a balloon flight. 

Harbour Birthday Air Ballooning Harbour Birthday Harbour Birthday

Flights take place at 6am and 6pm, so you can take your flight in the morning then return to the Party to enjoy the day's entertainment, or spend the day at the Party and enjoy an evening flight.

For more information please click: Hamburg Harbours Birthday


Please be aware:

Balloon flights over Hamburg require good weather and can only be made when the forecast wind direction will enable the balloon to stay out of restricted air space and with sufficient wind speed to land clear of built up areas.

Flights are available every evening and on weekend mornings from April until October

Every flight is different and views depend entirely on the wind direction on the day. Flight duration will be approximately one hour but will vary depending on operational factors. After landing and recovery of the balloon by our crew, and the champagne celebration, we return you back to the take off site. You should allow 4-6 hours for the whole experience from when we meet you.

We suggest you wear outdoor clothing suitable for the time of year.

Booking is very simple: please send an e- mail with your enquiry to

and we will send you a price offer and all the necessary information

Balloon rides over Schwerin

Castle Schwerin

Simply nothing can compare with the sensation and experience of a flight in a hot air balloon.

Flying shortly after sunrise or before sunset, a flight over the stunning Mecklenburg countryside is an exhilarating yet tranquil experience that will be remembered long after the flight is over. A flight in the Exklusive Balloon makes an unusual, exciting and surprising gift for those special occasions. As we rise above Schwerin, arguably the most romantic city in north Germany we are treated to wonderful views of fascinating architecture, the Cathedral, the seven Lakes and the fairy tale looking castle, as well as the ancient and beautiful spires of the old former residence city. Schwerin is usually soon behind us, and we are now flying over the great lake and spectacular rolling countryside. Looking towards the north-west you may see the Baltic Sea and the historic City of Wismar. The agriculture in the county varies from small farms, water and woodland, to real big fields with wheat; it really is a most varied and traditional landscape, representing an age old German countryside.

The Buga 2009 under construction
The Buga 2009 under construction

This year the 2009 Federal horticultural exhibition, the BUGA 2009 will create an extra highlight and change the area around the castle in a gardeners paradise. Enjoy the scenic variety of the landscaped park and garden festival and spot the 7 fascinating gardens from your birds eye view.

If you like to fly from this prestigious venue, please send us an e-mail to get more information